I am not a slave to anything!!!

7:40:00 AM

Recently, I started getting healthy. I've changed my eating habits and started working out.  I must say I am really enjoying it. I have so much energy. It is much needed especially when my days get long.

Well, this is not the first time I have started this healthy kick.  I try to do it every year but usually when drama starts happening in my life, I quit.  I give up and resort back to my old habits of stuffing my face with food. I am the type when I am stress I eat. This is not always good for the body or my self esteem. 


Before I started my healthy kick, I came prepared with an arsenal. I changed my mind set.  I found a scripture in I Corinthians 6 which stood out to me. It says, "Although I can do anything, I am not a slave to anything"  Wow! I am not a slave to anything. I don't have to eat to comfort myself. I don't have to eat a Big Mac when I crave it. I don't need Wendy's spicy nuggets (I Love Them YUMMY!)  I don't have to sit on the sofa for hours watching tv.  I can do something with my life.   I have the freedom to lose weight and be healthy. I AM NOT A SLAVE TO ANYTHING!!!  I AM FREE!!!

Profound thought
Food is a fuel source for my body not a comfort source for my spirit. 


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