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Currently I am working on my next book.  Unlikely Love: The Right Thing.  It is the follow up of my last book Unlikely Love.  I am creating a series of books from this one book.  In this book, I am still talking about unusual hook-ups and the drama that comes along with them.  My unusual hook-up of choice this time is Inter-racial Dating.

With all the hype in the news about Black women not getting married at the same rate as other women in the world, I decided to approach this subject. In the news, the speak about how many black women are not open to dating outside of their race.  I am a black woman, in her early 30's, and I am single. I have only dated black men.

My idea came from an unusual source. It came from the nail salon I frequent often when this really cute Asian guy (Ladies I men HOT!!!) asked me if I have ever dated anyone outside of race. My response was no because I have never been asked.  So my natural question to him was to ask him "Have you ever dated outside of your race?" He responded "Yes all of my girlfriends have been black except for the one I have now." My mouth dropped wide open :O. I was shocked to say the least but the conversation got me to thinking.
                                          WHY HAVE I ONLY DATED BLACK MEN? 

Honestly, I have never thought about dating outside of my race. I never knew it was an option for me.  I have had men of other races to stare at me and compliment me, but I never took it serious.  I am from Georgia. I've seen black men date women from other races but never Black women who dated men of other races.  I realized I had been so closed minded. I realize I didn't even have a friend that wasn't Black!!!

I went home got on the Internet. I discover there was a whole community of Black/Asian couples thriving. It was to my amazement many black women with Asian men.  I ask myself what have I been missing!!!  Jesus opened my eyes to see what had been in front of me the whole time. I attend a church with a lot of IR couples.  I begin to ask questions and open my mind up to the idea of being open to love no matter what color by Prince will be.  I am totally open to new experiences.  Thanks to the HOT Asian guy who opened my mind to the idea of IR dating.  (I will be hanging out with him soon to get more research for my book. Sorry ladies he is still with his girlfriend but maybe he has older brother or cousin for me. I am keeping my fingers cross.)

Here's to New Experiences!!! (toasting my water bottle to you)


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  1. Wow! you have said a mouthful. But all so true. I guess we get stuck on the "u suppose 2 stay with ur own" but now a days I think people or alot more open to dating outside thier race. I say I would rather date someone with in my own race, but that would just be limiting myself from love or the experinice of it. Who knows you just my find your "Unlikely Love" in a different shade!-wings