What is Extraordinary?

10:36:00 AM

Extraordinary is anything out the ordinary. It is beyond plain and boring. It is unique, out of this world, or DA BOMB BABY!

I started this blog as a book I wanted to share with women who struggle with self-esteem issues. I wanted to give advice and tidbits to women with image issue of how I overcame my struggles. I am a plus size woman who has always been a Big Gurl! (I represent to the fullest too) I have to learn how to love me and all of me. I have seen many ups and downs.  I have made many changes. (Platinum Blond a hair faux pas) By the grace of God, I am still standing on a solid foundation. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I think life is Grand and the best is yet to come.

Why extraordinary?
Because, I am out of the ordinary. If you ever met me, I am not plain jane or boring. I have a personality that commands attention. I am loud and exciting, but I can flip it on you and be quiet and shy. I Love Me! I would love to hang out with me if i was looking for a friend.

Extraordinary is doing things outside of your norm. It doesn't have to the fanfare or the "TADA" moments as I like to call them. It can be helping the mother down the street with her kids, starting a ministry to help women and men get back to work (shout out to Christina's Closet & Anthony's Attic), sending out texts to your friends to encourage them (thanks Dale), writing a book, starting a blog, volunteering ( I work for CASA. Love It!) or many more things...

Extraordinary is whatever you want to do! Today set out to be extraordinary and touch someone elses life!

with love

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