90 years Experience

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Mary Ella Harris

Mary Harris has 90 years experience being a woman. She was born during a time of upheaval and unrest. She has survived the Great Depression, Jim Crow Laws, Civil Rights movement.  She lived through being called a Negro, Colored, Black, to now Afro-American. She has live to see what some many of her friends and family only dreamed of seeing, our nations first African American President.

 She has buried her parents, siblings, husband and friends. She is the last of her generation still living. She has survived blood clots, and many things that should have caused her to give up. Mary Ella Harris  has not quit!

Through heartache and joy, I have seen Mary Ella strive and thrive. She has taught me to be a good kind woman. She constantly dropped her pearls of  wisdom on me.  "Don't be no baby doll!" was my favorite. She told me don't be the kind of woman a man plays with for a while then moves on when he is tired of it and has a new one.  "No matter what baby trust God"  is another one.  I have lived by this one. It has helped me when my faith was weak and low.

Recently when I went to go see her, she told me "God is going to let me live another 10 years".  This statement astonished me. The fact Mary Ella believes in God so much, she can boldly proclaim, "God is going to let me live another 10 years".  She believes this because God has 90 years proven track record with her. Her faith makes me ponder about my own faith. Do I believe and trust God like my grandmother? Can I make bold proclamations about God and his goodness as she has? Have I been too blind to see God has a 33 year proven track record with me?  Her faith reminds me of the Psalm by David "I have been young and old but I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed been begging for bread" If God has good to Mary Ella down through the years, Shouldn't he be good to me as well, I am of course her seed?

Things to Ponder...

What is your experience with God? Do you need to reflect on God's resume for your life?" Do you need to do "Annual Report" on the goodness of Jesus?

Be Extraordinary

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