Hit the Pause Button...

7:46:00 AM

My friend Nicole H has a blog called “A Sip of Tea.” Recently, I begin to think about her blog and what happens when you sip hot tea. When drinking hot tea, it always put me in a relaxed or chilled mode.  It makes me take a pause in my life. My prayer time is a like pushing the pause button on life. I am taking time out to relax and chill with God.  I am breathing in the fresh aromas of Jesus Christ. I am getting rejuvenated and refresh by God. I am calming my spirit and enjoying my time with God. I am having a sip of tea.  I leave that moment at peace with myself and God. 
One would think I would hit the pause button on my life often, but I don’t. I run around  must days with my head spinning around. I am constantly going over my to-do list in my head. I find myself sprinting through life when I should be pacing myself for the marathon of life.  While I am sprinting, I get overwhelmed and forget to take pleasure in the simple things of life like having a sip of tea in the afternoon with a good friend. 
After much thought about “A Sip of Tea”, I begin to wonder why don’t have more chill moments with God? How can I spend more time with God?  In that moment God gave me the perfect answer.  He dropped in my spirit the English tradition of scheduling “Tea Time” in afternoon. It hit me like a bolt of lightning. I can schedule time to spend with the best friend in the whole world. I can meet the person who loves me the most and have a wonderful time with him. At the moment, I challenged myself to schedule "Tea Time" in the morning with Jesus Christ.
My challenge for you today, is to read Nicole Hilton’s blog: “A Sip of Tea” http://nicolesthought.wordpress.com/ & hit the pause button on life to enjoy spending time with a friend.
-Be Extraordinary

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  1. Girl yes!!! "A Sip of Tea" was dropped in my spirit but "Tea Time"... revelation! Thank you, now I see fully why God puts on my heart to take the time to write.