I have the same purpose but I found a better track to help move me along.

10:39:00 AM

I have been stalling on writing my second book for some time. Almost 2 years to be exact. Even with so many people asking for a new book, I have not been encouraged to write. I have been trying to recreate the magic from the first book. I have been trying to do it the exact same way I did 3 years ago.  It just wasn’t working. My life has changed so much. I have changed so much. I realize I need to create new magic. Do something different. I needed to write from the woman I am today. Back then I was searching for my voice unsure if writing was my calling. I was writing to prove to myself I could write. I had to prove to myself I could become a published author.  I needed to see my dream come to past.   Once I had accomplished this, I had no reason to write or so I thought.  Through the encouragement of many people, I realize I do have a reason to write.  So many people have told me how encourage there where through my writing and my simple faith to write a book.  Through other people God showed me writing is my divine purpose in life.  He has given me a voice to encourage people in love, about life, and healing/restoration.  He has given me a voice through my own life journey. My life has prepared me to write the stories he has given me. My life has prepared me to encourage people through words. My life has prepared me to write about healing and restoration, because I have been healed of broken heart, low self-esteem and family issues.  I can write about Unlikely Loves because I have fallen in love with the most unlikely people. I have fell in love with myself but most of all I fell in love with Jesus. I have since gain confidence in my writing. I am now able to call myself a writer and an author.  I now realize that writing is being true to me. I must write. I can write and I shall write.  I realize with the first book God had given me my purpose, but with the discovery of my confidence as a writer, God has given me a better soundtrack to my purpose.

Are you in need of a new rhythm or beat to your life? Are you trying to recreate old magic for a new phase in life? Are you stuck on what you have accomplished and not what you could be accomplishing?  If so, begin to clear your heart and mind. Begin to listen to what God is saying and not what he said. God is constantly moving and flowing. Just like the rhythm of a song it is moving at a pace unique to the song. It is time for you to find the rhythm that is unique to you.  Song writers and musicians work for hours on a song to get it just right. You tried a salsa beat for the song at first but maybe the song is better suited for Hip Hop.   Change the beat to Hip Hop! Whatever your rhythm is for your lives find it. Search the heavens. Pray to God.  FIND It! It will make your life better and it will be the HIT for your life.

Be encourage, be extraordinary

Jay’L Harris

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