7 day challenge...

6:05:00 PM

Here is a 7 day challenge we are doing at my church. I thought this would be interesting to share with everyone.

The point of the 7 day challenge is to draw closer to God. For us to seek a closer walk with thee...  (I was about to go old school on you and start singing a hymn)

Here is the Challenge. It is real simple and easy to follow.  I wish you the best of luck and a better relationship with your maker.

  1. Think God 1st- first thing in the morning make God the very first thing you think about
  2. Read one scripture a day- if you don't know where to start try the Psalms or Proverbs. They have a lot of wisdom and practical knowledge. (make sure to apply the scripture to what is going on in your life right now)
  3. Listen to one worship song a day.  Music helps set the tone and atmosphere for our lives. Sometimes we need to hear something that moves us and motivates us to fall in love with God.
  4. Ask God to make you clean again. WE CAN ALL USE A SPIRITUAL BATH!
  5. Ask yourself the hard questions. ex.-why I am getting hung up on the same issue. ( ie cussing, drinking, being mean, gossiping, over-eating, lying, procrastination &etc...)

I would love to get feedback on how well you did with the challenge. I will post later my Breakthrough moments as well.

Love Ya!

Be Encourage, Be Extraordinary


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