A Diamond Miner

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Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

I have quoted this scripture from the time I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  It has minister to me in so many ways. It has helped my self esteem, help me to wait on Jesus for a mate (still waiting!!!) but this morning I saw something different in the scripture. I want to share it with all my sisters. 

Ladies, clearly God values us far above any precious stone on the face of the earth. There is nothing more splendid than a woman. I don't care what her shape or size, how big  her lips are, the roughness of her hands. There is something beautiful and majestic about a woman. With that said, why is so hard for many of us to see the splendor and beauty in ourselves? Why don't we see ourselves as something worth working hard for, fighting for, to be cherished, loved, and appreciated?  Why do we let ourselves be trampled over & undervalued?

I keep saying letting ourselves be treated this way, because we do. We will tell a man it is ok if you don't pay the bills and spend your money elsewhere just as long you stay with me.  We will tell our man it is okay for you to come over to play and you don't have to pay. It is ok if we are not seen out in public together.  Yes ladies, we tell him it is okay every time we stay in the nonsense and don't leave. When we tell our friends, a piece of man is better than no man. (Nonsense) When we don't at least, make the man take us out to eat. (GET A FREE MEAL!)

Some of you may be upset with me right now but I writing this as a point. I believe every woman is called to be Extraordinary. How can you be extraordinary if you don't know your worth?  I can tell you are worthy all day but if you don't believe it then it don't mean a thing.  (If you want to know if you believe you are worth the fighting over, the fussing, the cherishing & loving, your actions will show it. My mom always said actions speak louder than words)

I leave you with this thought:

Not everyone wants to be a diamond miner. His job is hard. Sometimes he will get dirty. He will dig all day and come up empty handed. He doesn't get discourage, because he understands worth and value. He knows one day he will hit his jackpot. He knows he will find the diamond that would make all his searching worthwhile. Sure he has found some diamond chips, he has even found one that appeared to be a diamond but is just a worthless piece of glass. One day he will come across the diamond he has been looking for all along. He will know it is the one because it will shine even through the dirt. 

Be encourage, Be extraordinary


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  1. The knowledge of your true value is priceless. Awesome Jackie!!!!