Eye of the Storm

10:12:00 PM

As I sit here listen to a strong gust of wind outside my window, I think about the turmoil and storms going in my own life. Just like the weather has been the last couple of days sunshining then a sudden storm out of no where comes up. This is how my life has been. I have been enjoying the sunshing, good things are happening, I got a new pep in my step then suddenly  out of  the clear blue sky comes a storm cloud. BOOM!  Hail is coming down, lightening flashing, and the thunder is booming. I have thoughts doubt, fear, & jealousy. Just as soon as the storms fades in nature so does my inner turmoil. I left with the reassurance God had me in the safetest place. I am in the mist of his arms.  I am so excited about things to come. Just like the weather I can't predict my next storm or sun shiny day.  I can only go along with what is in the moment. At this moment, things are all good.  I have survive many storms and will survivie many more. I have never had a heat stroke (I don't believe in the outdoors)  I am prepared for what ever happens. God has my back, front, sides, he has all of me.  The safetest place for me is in the will of God.  I am excited about life because I can't go any where but up!

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