Honor God With My Body

7:17:00 AM

Good Morning,

I am writing this blog to my fellow Plus Size women. I writing this to encourage you and myself. For the millionth time. I am started my new lifestyle regimen. I am  eating healthier & exercising in the morning.  (I just got through with MJ on the Wii. Great work out while not feeling like you are working out.) I always feel great when I work out. I have a lot of energy and I accomplish a whole lot more things in my day. I really hate feeling sluggish. I'm writing this because whenever I need encouragement in this race, it is always some super skinny chick telling my you can do this. Well I want to hear from a BIG GIRL who is in the trenches with me. I want to see her transformation and hear her thoughts. (no offense to my smaller friends but you can't always relate to my struggle.) I wouldn't care if she went from being a size 22 to a size 16, that is a great accomplishment. I want to hear about it. I want to know her struggles. What did she do to become healthier? What cause the paradigm shift in her mind? I want to know because becoming healthy is not always about being a size 8!

As I a on my way to a healthier me, I discovered another nugget.  I Corinthians 16: 20-21 says, "For you were bought with a high price, so you must honor God with your body.  I was bought with the blood of Jesus, it is the minimum I can do is to take care of my body. The least I can do with this vessel is exercise! Especially since Jesus left his cush position in heaven, took on hell on earth and conquered death, he did all this for little ole me.  By moving my body, I am worshiping God. I am also getting some benefits from it. I am expanding my quality of life. I am diabetes free, I have fewer asthma attacks, and I am decreasing my blood pressure.

Here is my best advice to you, if you trying to lose weight or become healthier, don't do it for fashion, a man, to be popular, or to fit in. Do it because it honors GOD. It acknowledges you know he loves you and you appreciate the fact he thought you worthy to sacrifice his SON for you. Do it as an act of Worship.

To all my fellow Chunky Sexy Sista's, Try God! Just get started. Purpose in your heart and mind to walk ten minutes a day. Those ten minutes will turn into 30 and 30 into a hour and before you know it, you would have lost 20lbs. (I still remember when I started Zumba on the Wii, the first time I almost passed out but now I can do 45 minutes and I have lost 20lbs doing it.) Let's show the world we Size Sexy sistas got moves too!

Be Encourage, Be Extraordinary

---Jay'L Harris

Please feel free to share your thoughts, your success or if need prayer and encouragement to stay on track.

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