Make the Most of It!!!

7:28:00 AM

Ephesians 5: 16-17

"Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do." (NLT)

It is amazing, how God left some many nuggets in his words.  When you go searching for knowledge, you will find truth. 

This morning I found a great nugget. It is not the usual bible slogans I have heard growing up. I have read this passages many times before but on today The Holy Spirit illuminated this particular scripture.  "Make the Most of Every Opportunity in these evil days." It is the perfect sentiment, after the Flatline Women's Conference at Oasis Family Life Church. God has put it in my face. Don't be foolish, don’t waste time and don't live like others but make the MOST of my TIME.  

What makes people like Oprah extraordinary?
       The extra something they do to go beyond ordinary. Oprah believed she could do all things through Christ and she did. She is living her purpose to the fullest. It took hard work, dedication and a lot of prayer.  It was a time she didn't go to the clubs or join a sorority because she had a destiny to fulfill. (I think sororities are great! They teach you about leadership and love for the community! ZphiB)  She talks about making the most of an opportunity. She said she worked hard. She always did her very best, so when the opportunity came, she was able to seize the moment.

At church the other Friday, Dr Stacia gave this quote:

         -Rich people educate themselves; poor people entertain themselves.

It changed my whole perspective. I begin to ask myself the question, "How much time, energy, & money have I spent on entertaining myself? I have spent a lot, so much so when it was time to invest in myself, I had no money to invest because I had entertain myself. (WOW REVELATION!!!!) Now we must have balance in everything we do. Solomon who was the wisest man on earth speaks about a time and season for everything. There is a time to entertain ourselves and then there is a time to work. My life had gotten out of balance by constantly entertaining myself and not investing in the tools I need to be successful.  By the time I have gone to the movies, out to eat, get a mani-pedi & etc..., I could have bought the system I need to write eBooks, save the money for to start my publishing company.  I have been poor with my time and money. (I'm Dumbfounded)

In the scripture today, it states, "Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants YOU to do."
I now realize I have been acting thoughtlessly. I haven't been putting much thought into what God wants me to do. I had begun to except my lot in life. This is what my life is suppose to be like. NOOOOO said God.  He called me to do extraordinary things on this earth.  I maybe an ordinary but my purpose is extraordinary.  The God I serve is Extraordinary!

I encourage you today, to make the most out of your life.  Know who you are and understand what he has called you to do.  I know I am Jay'L Harris, the writer, the poet, the entrepreneur & so much more... I know God has called me to encourage, to uplift, to motivate people through the written and spoken word.  Find your voice in the world, understand it, develop it and then use it to full capacity to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ. 

Be Encourage, Be Extraordinary.
--Jay'l Harris

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