When You Least Expect It.

7:34:00 AM

Good things comes to those who wait...

Growing up I hated this saying.  I always had to know where we were going, & how long it would take us to get there. I just had to know details. I have never been great a waiting.  It totally sucks!!!  People say Job was a patience man. I say Job became a patience man through his many afflictions and trial.  When I read the story, he didn't seem to happy about his situation. The great thing about Job was he never lost faith and sight of God.  I digress, back to my point.  Oh where was I?  Oh Yes, I hate waiting!  Since God is an all knowing God, I believe he has a wonderful sense of humor. What has he made me do doing this season? WAIT! It is very hard to see people getting bless with the very thing you are praying for and desire. It is hard sometimes to pray for others and God moves quickly on their behalf and my prayers for myself never seem to leave the ground. 


Recently God blew my mind, I was at a meeting at church on Saturday and they ask for a testimony. My hand shot up so quickly it scared me. I ran up to tell my testimony. I shared how recently stepped out on faith by starting a publishing company and the first phase is ghostwriting.  I talked about how God had given me 3 new clients. I stood up to encourage people to just try God.  From the testimony I had five new people to show interest. One lady said she has a group of pastor friends who want to write books. She said it was seven of them. I was so elated.  God had showed up when I least expect him too. 

Lesson learned: I have since learned waiting on Jesus is well worth the wait.  He has literally poured out a blessing I don't have room enough to receive.  I know this is so cliche`.  He may not come when you want him too, but he will be there on time.  My lesson on learning how to wait on God has catapulted me into the stratosphere.  I was worried about my prayers not leaving the ground when in actuality they had already been released into the atmosphere. 

This is usually the part where I asked you a series of thought provoking questions but not today. I am going to leave you with this advice: Focus on the work God has called you to do for His Kingdom .When you least expected, He will show you while you were helping build his Kingdom, He was building your castle too!

Be encouraged, Be extraordinary
--Jay'L Harris

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  1. I like and do understand. I think the same thing at times.