Day Four-Challenge THANK YOU!

7:38:00 AM

Today I am just in awe of Jesus!  This challenge is just what I needed. I need a refresher course on the goodness, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. Everyday I discover I need him more and more.  I understand why my grandmother use to sit behind the counter of our store constantly praying.  It is something about being in the presence of Jesus that makes everything alright.  All this week, I have seen things clearer but the main thing I am learning just to TRUST GOD!. 

Scripture for today:  Hebrews 11:6  "Without Faith it is impossible to please God"

Song for Today:  I went old school this morning  with Milton Bronson's Thank You click on the link below to listen.

It is only Three days to go I hope to you are closer to a better you. 

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