No Ordinary Love...

7:36:00 AM

Everyday people are searching for love.  We are all looking for that special someone to love us.  If we are married, sometimes we are trying to recapture the feeling of what it first felt like to be in love.  If you are single (I am) we are spending our wheels trying to decipher the codes what the opposite sex says.  What does "special friend" mean anyway?

This morning, I am up bright and early on a Saturday. I usually like to sleep in but there are these times were God is like "Get UP".  I love these moments. The house is quiet and I am able to spend time with him.  He is able to give me the peace I need to soothe my nerves. I am able to get proper directions.  Most of all I am able to rest him. This song <-- was in rotation in my phone.  I have never listen to it until this morning.  I am glad I had heard this morning. After a week of having "Why Am I Still Single Blues?", it was much needed.  I needed to be reminded of the 80% of my life that is going right.  I needed to be reminded I am loved and I am experiencing a great love affair.  Who can love me like Jesus? No one!  He is my No Ordinary Love... As a matter of fact he is my EXTRAORDINARY LOVE...

Have an Extraordinary Saturday


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