ExtraOrdinary Friday-Working Out!

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Good Morning,

I am so excited today is FRIDAY!  #1 It is the weekend baby! #2 It is Extraordinary Friday where I highlight a positive person doing good things in the community.  Today I am doing something different.  I was all set up and ready to feature the next person of the week when the Holy Spirit sent me in another direction.   All this week I have been doing a bible study on Faith and Relationships.  This time with God has open my heart and mind to a lot of new things. I have gain clarity on many aspects of my life.  So please bare with me as I do something different, something out the ordinary, something extraordinary.

Working Out!

How many times a week do you work out?  Do you work out 6 days? 3 days? or are you a couch potato? When you workout do you challenge or push yourself to the limit? What do you do when you plateau? Are you constantly working on ways to improve you stance? your posture? your endurance? 

Now apply these same question to your spiritual life. How many times a week do you pray?  Do you pray 7 days week? 5 days? Or not at all? When you do pray, do you listen for God's voice? Do you wait on instructions or directions? Or do you give God your laundry list?  Do you read your bible? How often do you do that? What about your attendance at church? Are you a CME Christian (Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter)? Once a month?

Do you I have still your attention...

Now answer this question.


See it is all good to spend time in prayer and reading your bible, but how much time do you spend by apply it to your life?  How much time do you spend by exercising your faith? How much time do you spend on becoming a better you in the eyesight of the Lord? 

If you are spending too much time beating people up side the head with the bible and passing judgement on others and your life is a Hot Mess, it means you are not working out enough. 

If people say you are a mean Christian, it means you are not working out enough. 

If you struggle to pay tithes or give to the poor, it means you are not working out enough.

When you are working out your own soul salvation, you don't have time to be passing judgement on people (God has really dealt with me on this!) When you get ready to give your opinion, God will quickly remind you of the grace and mercy He has shown you. (It really helps me to keep my mouth closed.) 

When you are working out your own soul salvation, the word mean will not associated with your name. 

When you are working out your own soul salvation, your desire to help others will grow and tithing & giving will be easy because of God's grace and mercy.

In light of what is going on in the Christian community with the different pastors or leaders, I was challenge myself with the same questions by God.  This is not the time to pass judgement on each other (the world does that for us) but now is the time for us to began to look deep within ourselves and asked "What are things in my life I need God to take care of?  What skeletons from my past  I am working so hard to keep in the closet? 

In the word of God it talks about being a light.  The light comes to expose the darkness.  Why are we so quick to let our light shine on others but coward away when the light shines on us? I don't know about you I need God's light to shine on me, so I can be a better Christian.

Today on Extraordinary Friday, I challenge you to take time and reflect on this question,

"How am I Working Out My Own Soul Salvation?

New Living Translation (©2007)

Dear friends, you always followed my instructions when I was with you. And now that I am away, it is even more important. Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.

"Character is who  you are when no one is looking" -unknown

"Everyone has bones in their closet"-unknown

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