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Good Morning Loves,

I know I have written anything outside of my interviews for a while, but I woke up this morning with this fresh on my mind. I have been thinking about DREAMING.

Every year, my Pastor (Anthony Murray) challenges us a body of Christ to begin and think about the following year and the things we want to see happen in our lives. For 2011 our common theme at Oasis Family Life Church is, "It is the Year to Fly". Whatever your dreams and purpose it is going to take off and you are going to fly. In 2010 as I begin to think of this challenge, the only thing I kept hearing in my spirit was to Dream Big! Do More. I thought that was very simple and had no real purpose to me until now. When I what that down, I had no idea what God had in store for me.

During this year, I have had a trying time. It has been times where I felt like I was stuck in a rut and there were times I felt like I was soaring high in the sky. I equate it to flying. Sometimes your plane is on time and in rare instances it is ahead of schedule. Then there are times when your plan is delayed and you stuck waiting in the airport for hours. It has been doing those delayed hours God has called me to dream.

Dream Big! Do More. This hasn't made sense to me until recently. For the last few weeks, I have been thinking about 2012. I have been asking God, “What do you want me to do in 2012? How will it look differently than this year?” My thoughts have move beyond the normal things a single-PHINE-young woman usually seeks from God (marriage, kids, house, car, new job) my thoughts have been leaving my lasting impression on the world. How can I inspire more people?

In my delay periods, I realize I wasn't satisfied with the life I am living. Sure everyone is proud of my accomplishments but I felt I should be doing more. It has been through my layovers, God has been shaking me out of my comfort zone. (You know those chairs in the airport are not comfortable!) God was keeping me restless for a reason. He did not want me to lose focus on my desired objection in mind. I have a destination, I have to reach. He has giving me a desired lot in life which he created just for me. He has been expanding my faith in him and in me. I am learning I need to have faith in the abilities God has given me. He has been causing me to dream. Finally, the Dream Big! Do More made sense.

Recently, I went on an interview for my Dream Job! The odd thing to me, I was never nervous. I was at peace with everything. After the interview, everyone ask me how I felt. I was like ok. Honestly, I was a little disappointed in myself. I had delayed applying for my dream job because of fear. After the interview, I realize I could’ve done this a long time ago. It was right then and there I realize I am meant for bigger and better things.

After my interview, my mind began to race with ideas and projects I am going to do next year. (Prep work is for this year) I just needed to step into the realm of Dreaming Bigger. Once I crossed the threshold of my dreams, God began to unfold the whole story to me. Faith began to overtake my spirit and help me see my delay was over. My flight had been called I am in line to board the plane. I am about to take off. If 2011 is my year to fly, then 2012 is my year I reach my destination and I am going to have a blast!

My question to you now is "What are you dreaming about?" What is on your mind for 2012? What is the impossible dream for you? Are you preparing for the dream to come to past? If you know your Dream Big, then what is your Do More?

I challenge you to take some time and spend with God. Hear from him, get the ideas, and learn his systems. Be fruitful and multiply. Dream Big! Do More!

Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, Be Extraordinary
Jay'L Harris

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