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Extraordinary Friday is where I spotlight women doing awesome things in the community. I want to highlight ordinary women achievements to encourage women to extraordinary women. They can be teachers, business owners, or volunteers.

Kelly is someone I met through networking on Facebook.  I just love her positive energy and things she is putting back into the universe. I am very glad to have connect with her.

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Let’s meet our Extraordinary Woman

Kelly Lynn Adams CPC, ELI-MP is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, a certified professional Energy Leadership/Business & Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker & an Arbonne International Executive District Manager. Kelly Lynn is also the Founder & CEO of Kelly Lynn Adams International LLC www.KellyLynnAdams.com and co-founder of the Make it Happen Girl brand. Kelly Lynn is also known as “The Juicy Jersey Girl Guru” that helps women bust through their blocks to get a business and life that ROCKS!

What is an interesting fact about you?

 I am a self-development junkie yet love to watch reality TV shows!

What is your personal mission statement? Words you live by?

 My purpose on this earth is to empower, motivate, and inspire women to live their BEST life possible while creating and growing a successful business in order to achieve their maximum potential so that they can live a life of passion, fulfillment, success and love.

My mission is to help one woman and one business at a time in order to create and leave a legacy for the next generation to come.

What is the name of your business/organization?

Kelly Lynn Adams International LLC & Make it Happen Girl

How is this business/organization impacting women’s lives?

My business/organization is helping women to shift their mindset, monetize in their business online and offline, take both their life & business to the next level, increase their confidence & self-esteem and empower women to live out their dreams and desires so that they can make a huge impact in this world, be seen and heard and leave their mark so that they next generation can benefit from it.

What was your aha moment?

I think my biggest aha moment was in my twenties. My life on paper looked amazing: I had a great career, amazing boyfriend, tons of friends, a great car and awesome clothes; however, I was miserable, stressed out, over-worked, over-whelmed and in debt. I partied a little too much, and I was continuously grasping and reaching for external accomplishments and material items to fill the void within me and make me feel better (whether it be the hottest pair of shoes, the clothes, the luxury car, the man, the job, the money, or the next best party or club to go to). None of this "outer stuff" ever made me truly happy so the chase would continue. I literally felt like my life had no true purpose. The passion was nowhere to be seen. I knew I needed a change. In my mind, there had to be a better way to live life. So I took a leap of faith and turned inward and rediscovered my spirituality and discovered the self-development arena and became fiercely passionate about finding out who I really was and what made me happy.
Many times I hear women think their lives are over when they make a mistake, What encouraging advice would you give?

 I love this quote by one of my mentors Jen Groover, “You’ll never regret the leaps of faith or the big mistakes; you will only regret the things you don’t try and the dreams you don’t pursue.”

What I would say to women is congrats on making a mistake, your life is now just beginning, making mistakes and experiencing failure only allows you to course correct and go full steam ahead in what you want to do. If you are not making mistakes or failing to some degree you are not pushing  yourself to your full capacity. Every human makes mistakes and fails at some point in their lives; the real test of success is how are you going to pick up the pieces, manage your mindset and move forward.

Today we hear a lot about work/life balance. How do you balance being a wife, mom, entrepreneur/leader & etc…

 Balance is a funny thing, how I manage everything in my life is that I do plan what needs to get done but I also look at my values ~ what is it that fits within my value system and I concentrate on that item. I also look at what is going to bring me joy and success and put those items 1st in my life and on my to do list. What has helped me manage my work load is having 3 big things and 3 little things that I need to get done within a day!

Outside of the bible and school books are there any recommended reading that has inspired you on your journey?

There are TONS of books that have inspired me along my journey…to many to name but some of the ones I like are from Jack Canfield's books, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Napoleon Hill and various other business and spiritual related books.

 If you could name an animal that describes you, what would it be and why?

 A tiger ~ they are fierce, fabulous, beautiful animals who go after what they want and nothing stands in their way.

When I was working on my first book I had this song I always listen to keep me going. It was “Closer to My Dreams” by Goapele. What is the song(s) that keeps you moving?

Beyonce - Girls Rule The World! No explanation needed!

Ways to contact you or where to find your product? How to get involve with your organization?

 People can contact me via my website www.KellyLynnAdams.com and sign up for my weekly newsletter, when they sign up they will receive a free gift as well as amazing, motivational and helpful information on how to grow their business and exclusive offers only available to my private contact list. People can also find me on Twitter and Facebook at Kelly Lynn Adams and on my YouTube Channel KellyLynnAdamsTV.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Whether it is volunteering, writing a book, starting a band, or reading to the elderly, I want to encourage women to be Extraordinary. To live their best life yet! What are some parting words of wisdom or nuggets of knowledge you want to leave with my readers?

 Some thoughts I would like to leave your readers with is that YOU were put on this earth for a reason and a purpose. Your mission is to find what that is and bring it to the world. It can be anything your heart desires. When you know "your why" the motivation behind what you are doing, invent in yourself, take time for yourself, have a strong belief and mindset around being unstoppable you can do anything you put your mind to. Never give up, people are counting on your brilliance, your passion and your talents. All you need is within you now and any decision guided by a power higher than you is always the right decision for you at that time.

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