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Extraordinary Friday is where I spotlight women doing awesome things in the community.

Today Things are going to be done a little different.  I am trying to spice things up. I want to give you a taste a something new.   It was my pleasure to interview this person. He had me cracking up laughing the entire time.  I met this person about four years ago and I still don’t know how we have become friends.  He is one of my go-to people.  (You need a person like him when building your support system for your business) He is an excellent business man and striving to bigger things.   It is my pleasure to introduce to you our first Extraordinary Man Timothy “TJ” Ramos, Jr.

What is an interesting fact about you?

  I love to fish but I am scared to touch them! 

What is your personal mission statement? Words you live by?

If you are going to do it, Do It Big!

What is the name of your business/organization?

 Growth Spurt Design

How is this business/organization impacting women’s lives?

Growth Spurt Design empowers women entrepreneurs through effective marketing which help grow their professional and personal brand. 

What was your aha moment?

 When I realize I was helping someone else do the same thing and he was getting paid.  I was doing most of the leg work. At that moment, I realize I could do the same thing but hire designer to work for my own company.

How effective has this business model been for you?

This business model has being very effective a lot of clients have ideas they need help bringing them to life and we help bring their ideas to fruition. I have a natural eye for what looks good and attractive.  I see things in a different perspective than others. It is my job to help bring my clients visions to life.

Many times I hear people think their lives are over when they make a mistake, what encouraging advice would you give?

 Mistakes are necessary in order for you to become who you are.  Kanye West came out with a song that change my life.  The lyrics say “Everything I’m not made everything I am.”  People have to remember they are not their mistakes and don‘t live life off the opinions of other people. Life is about trial and error.

Today we hear a lot about work/life balance. How do you balance dating, ministry, entrepreneur/leader & etc…


 Ministry- Understand what reasonable services mean to you.  Be realistic of what you can and cannot do.  Same way God does not want you to give all your money away he doesn’t want you to give all your time.  It is ok to miss a bible-study to spend time with your family or to go on vacation for a week.  

 Dating- If you are single you must actively pursue dating. Dating is a job like anything else. Don’t focus so much on dating were you can’t live out your dream of being an entrepreneur

 Business- Make Business Hours and stick to them.

Outside of the bible and school books are there any recommended reading that has inspired you on your journey?

 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

Name a powerful, strong woman in History that has inspired you?

Betty X (Malcom X wife)

Rosa Parks

Monica Pearson (Kauffmen), she is a woman of faith and every day she has to balance her faith/ work life.

 If you could name an animal that describes you, what would it be and why?

Lion, striving every day to be the king of jungle!

When I was working on my first book I had this song I always listen to keep me going. It was “Closer to My Dreams” by Goapele. What is the song(s) that keeps you moving?

 I love Music in general. I design to music. I listen to artist like Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Dougie Fresh

Ways to contact you or where to find your product? How to get involve with your organization?

The purpose of my blog is to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Whether it is volunteering, writing a book, starting a band, or reading to the elderly, I want to encourage women to be Extraordinary. To live their best life yet! What are some parting words of wisdom or nuggets of knowledge you want to leave with my readers?

Don’t be afraid to fail  There is an idea lock on the inside of you that God has given you to sustain you  Take your dreams and goal serious. Nobody will believe in you more than you If you have faith the size of mustard seed, nothing is impossible for you. 

 When you are an entrepreneur you are either going to live in feast or famine, you must learn how to whether the storm.

Drops mic and walks off stage…

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