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Extraordinary Friday is where I spotlight women doing awesome things in the community. I want to highlight ordinary women achievements to encourage women to become extraordinary women. To showcase that they too can be teachers, business owners, or volunteers.

Our featured Extraordinary Woman, I had the pleasure of meeting at an ASTASpeaks function. She was very genuine in her speech and mannerism.  She spoke briefly about social media and building your brand but I took away a lot of valuable information and techniques I am using today. (It helped increase my sales and my presence on Facebook and Twitter)  I have a lot of respect for her and the things she is doing with her business.  To me she is the epitome of the Ordinary Woman doing Extraordinary Things.  If you ever get the opportunity to hear speak, please do so you will not regret it.  If ever you want to connect to anyone in social media, Mrs. Carswell is the woman you want to connect with immediately.

Jay'L Harris

Let’s meet our Extraordinary Woman…

Kim N. Carswell is the Chief Executive Consultant and Social Media Strategist of Persona Affairs, LLC, a comprehensive branding firm that offers Resume Branding™, career mentoring, and brand identity services to job seekers and entrepreneurs. Carswell is an engaging conversationalist who has a passion for exotic teas from around the world. Her international appeal stems from 11 years of corporate and personal branding experience in higher education. One of her most significant professional contributions was evaluating curriculum vitas and educational systems from 75 countries for international students seeking graduate admissions for one of the nation’s top 10 business programs and facilitating career transformation training in Africa.

Carswell is also an author who celebrates 27 years of resume writing expertise. She uses her business acumen to counsel various commercial and institutional advisory boards with personnel career transition, social media marketing and professional development needs such as: American Society of Civil Engineers, Delta Airlines, Atlanta Urban League, Georgia Institute of Technology Human-Computer Interface Advisory Board, US Department of Labor and YWCA of Greater Atlanta. Carswell is a well sought after speaker and trainer.

A native of New York City Carswell relocated to Atlanta, earned her B.A. in communications from Georgia State University, pursued a M.S. in Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University, and acquired certifications in Mediation, Negotiations and International Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation from The University of Rhode Island and Emory University.

What makes you an Extraordinary Woman?

I am adaptable to different people, personalities and places. For some reason I’ve been blessed with the ability to process diverse levels of content, and translate it into simple terms. This talent allows me to brand people from all walks of life. There’s no substitute for the exhilaration I hear and witness when a client views their brand for the first time. The excitement is contagious and it fuels my passion to lead people to earnestly pursue their purpose.

Tell me more about your organization/business?

Unlike other career consulting firms, at Persona Affairs we have tangible operations experience in resume writing, brand development at the hiring manager level. Persona offers three branding models: career, personal and brand identity. Each model includes helping both job seekers and entrepreneurs develop innovative and socially responsive brands with Fortune 500 appeal.

Our bottom line is…

• To gives clients a strong personal brand and tools to get the job they deserve

• To build professional brands that makes salary negotiations easier

• To create future business opportunities based on one’s personality, expertise and drive

• To establish a reliable business that delivers on their brand promise…every time

• To help clients engage with their target audience

How is your business/organization impacting women’s lives?

In addition to Persona Affairs’ feminine clientele, we have partnered with a number of nationally recognized women organizations such as YWCA, Women For Hire, Inc and local domestic violence shelters. Pro bono and deeply discounted services are offered to offset financial and educational shortcomings. We have sponsored resume branding training and development for unemployed and homeless women in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

What made you step out on Faith? What was your aha moment?

God had to push me. He placed me in a storm that my talents could not get me out of. After getting soaking wet, I was forced to replay the constant theme in my life…resumes, training and brand communications. Aha, I finally identified my passion and mantra. “Your past does not Define you...It Refines you.”It also led me to construct Persona Affairs, LLC on the basic premise that personality drives others to act.

With that said I began acting on my passions and pursuing my purpose. I delved deeper into social media and started networking with the right people. God continued to reveal the need for me to become a spiritual and professional resource for people in transition. As a result, my company had been engaged by media outlets such as Turner Broadcasting, Fox News and my advice has been re-quoted by Oprah Winfrey.

What motivates you or drives you especially when things get a little hectic?

Research is my antidote to overwhelming circumstances. I follow a number of industry leaders and company social profiles. I look for solutions in their business model and transform them into my present situation.

In Ephesians 3:20 it states, “God will do exceedingly and abundantly above anything that you can ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within you.” How does this passage apply to you?

I know how to surrender my plans to God’s will. There is a saying…If you want to make God laugh tell him you have plans”. He has a plan for me that will exceed my wildest dreams. He gives me glimpses of what my life could be if I continue to serve. My goal is to stay obedient and open for new assignments.

What obstacles have you had to overcome? How did you overcome them?

I have the blessing and curse of the “Florence Nightingale syndrome”. Many causes pull at my heartstrings; the unemployment rate is one of them. I had to learn how to balance my emotions with my business responsibilities. With the current economic climate it is easy to get caught up by the demand for my services. As a result, I identify organizations that complement my brand presence and offer pro bono services to create win-win outcomes.

How do you handle negativity & negative people?

As an international conflict management practitioner, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with some of the most violent people in the world. Therefore, I use one of Dr King’s principles…Attack Forces of Evil Not Persons Doing Evil. This helps me to look at the essence of the person versus their outward persona or circumstance.

Consequently, I decide who I want to work with, how I can add value to their lives, and do not compromise my purpose for a price. I make people responsible for the energy they bring into my space. If it’s negative, then it is temporary.

Extraordinary women usually live very busy lives, how do you handle success? What do you do as your stress reliever? What do you do in your spare time? What is your favorite weekend getaway spot?

I am a success in progress so the jury is still out. I watch movies with my daughters and talk to my son about life strategies. Exploring life through the eyes of my children helps me regain a sense of purity and wonder. I’m a foodie at heart. My husband and I enjoy fine dining throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. I also love to play Suduko and Word Find puzzles. The ultimate getaway spot is NYC. It’s my hometown and it reboots my creative juices…every time.

Any recommended reading that has inspired you on your journey?

1. Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

2. Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships

by Jeffrey Gitomer

3. Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust

by Chris Brogan, Julien Smith

4. Click: The Magic of Instant Connections by Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman

5. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

by Michael E. Gerber

6. The Brand Within: The Power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom (Display of Power)

by Daymond John, James "Jim" Cramer

7. Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web by Brian Solis, Ashton Kutcher

What are your tried and true sho’ nuff steps to success?

Know your value… Use social media to find mentors and industry leaders. Follow them, engage your clients and or target audience. Evaluate your progress and goals quarterly. Read & Research daily.

What is your legacy?

In progress…. However, I authored a career guide book, Resume Branding 101: Strategies to Getting Noticed in 10 Seconds or Less. Readers walk away with how to brand their talents and abilities in a competitive light. This has been extremely useful for job seekers who have been on the market for the past two years. It has helped thousands of people regain employment and establish a strong online brand presence during these tough economic times.

Ways to contact you or where to find your product? How can people get involve with your organization?

I am online through a number of social networks….

Twitter: @KimNCarswell, @ResumeBranding, and @PersonaAffairs

Linkedin: KimNCarswell


Facebook: KimCarswellSpeaks, Persona Affairs

Resume Branding 101: Strategies for Getting Noticed in 10 Seconds or Less: Amazon and Barnes and Nobles

Social Media, Career and Personal Branding services information at www.Personaaffairs.com

The purpose of my blog is to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Whether it is volunteering, writing a book, starting a band, or reading to the elderly, I want to encourage women to be Extraordinary. To live their best life yet! What are some parting words of wisdom or nuggets of knowledge you want to leave with my readers?

Pause…Take a few moments to revisit the common themes in your life. Identify your passion. Make a decision to pursue it. There is a saying the “Tomorrow is not promised” well neither is this afternoon. Stop thinking about your obstacles and start working on your passion now… it is a road map to your purpose.

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