Get Up Black Woman...

9:57:00 AM

Today I am taking it back to where it all started... Writing poetry!  Inspiration hit me so I wrote it down. I hope you enjoy!

Get Up Black Woman!

When will you get up black woman and stop your crying,

When will seek your purpose and passion and stop being depress and slowly dying

When will you stop writing poems about desperately pleading to a man about how great you are in the sack

When will get up from your dull hum drum life and fight back

When will you realize how beautiful you are and you don’t need a man to tell you are a star

When will you understand you receive back all the vibes you have put out in the universe thus far

So when you get what you ask don’t be surprise when that man is rising from your bed and you are looking at his back

A Back you will never see again, A back that will have you spiraling, back in your depress state mind

Thus the cycle begins all over again

Get up Black Woman and stop your crying!

-Jay’L Harris

©October 2011

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