11:18:00 AM

Good Morning Everyone!

        As I continue on my journey to healthy living, I am learning there are times when I need to refuel.  There are times when my smile wanes, my energy is low and I want to give up. There are times when people will not get my motivation and my desire. They will intentionally and unintentionally try to sabotage me on my journey. When my reserves get low and running on fumes, I have to remember I must refuel myself.  I have to refuel myself with the word of God, surround myself around positive people, and read about people who have already accommplish the things I am trying to accomplish.  I  realize the other part of my refueling is resting!  Resting my mind, my body and my spirit is key.  I have learned the most important part of my resting is resting my spirit. This means releasing all my cares, fears, worries to God who can handle it. It means learning to lean into his everylasting arms. It means to truly be at peace and rest with God and myself.  My refueling has become very important to staying motivated to continue on my journey to healthy living.

      So now I ask you How do you refuel your tank when it gets low? How do you stay motivated when you are running fumes? Do you know yourself well enough to know when it is time to be refuel? 

      I challenge you today to come up with an action plan. How will you combat weariness, worry, and self destruction? How will you continue to Press towards your goal?  Every successful company has a department that handles complaints or Technical Support.  It is vital for every goal we are striving for we create a techinical support plan for when things go wrong.  We must prepare for the bad days in life so we want give up so easily. 

Remember you have the heart of a Champion!

Be Blessed Be Extraordinary


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