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Bringing you blessing and greetings from Ordinary Woman called to do Extraordinary Things. I am always super excited to bring into your presence wonderful people who are encouraging and uplifting.  I am grateful to the Most High for giving the opportunity to do the two I love the most, Write, and Encourage people.  A few years ago, I was out of work (my extended vacation as I like to call it!) and given the opportunity to write my first book.  It was during this time God truly taught me about living my life on purpose. He placed beautiful people in my life to encourage me to go for my passion. I understand first hand what it feels like to need a little push to take a leap of faith.  This is honest to God reason why I have chosen to blog in this manner. 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you a woman who is truly inspirational.  I love her story of encouragement and overcoming.  She is embodies the spirit of Ordinary Woman Called to Extraordinary things.

Let’s meet our Extraordinary Woman…

As the expert in “living a life on purpose”, Terri Clay is the CEO of Terri Clay Enterprises, a multi-purpose company in which the uplifting of individuals is a lifestyle. Terri’s commitment to supporting others has catapulted her into a success story that is beyond compare.

Before realizing her destiny, a 14-year-old Terri entered a life riddled with bad decision-making. Her choices would transpire into an early adulthood of struggle as a single parent. At 21 years old, the mother of four faced domestic abuse and soon after, homelessness. While this would keep many from persevering, Terri would learn how to handle several predicaments at once, and empower herself for the work that would lead her to entrepreneurship.

Terri realized her purpose, to motivate others with positive words. With an unyielding love for young people and a passion for travel she began taking the youth of her church on various trips worldwide. With the support of Magazine Street Church in Louisville, KY, Terri came up with ways to raise funds in order for children to travel. Young people were now given the chance to see different people, place and ideas, and a non-profit organization, Steppin’ Out of the Box, was born.

Her willingness to help her community has led her to motivate more of the general public, as Terri emerged into a dynamic inspirational speaker. She describes her bad choices of the past when speaking to crowds; choices she says created a domino effect of her life. Additionally, she is the host of a radio show, “The Talking with  Terri Show” where she uses her voice to push listeners towards their destiny.

She continues to inspire, writing "Walking in Your Purpose” as a featured author in the book 99 Tips to Transform Your Business Today, a collective work of other female entrepreneurs compiled by business strategist Saideh Browne. Terri will soon release her own book, From Fab to Fierce, in October 21, 2011. Her FIERCE clothing line will complement the book launch.

Born in Chicago and raised in Louisville, KY, Clay’s credits her close-knit family with her ability to inspire the masses. Her household was raised to believe in God attending church on a weekly basis. Today she continues to serve God as the mother of four, (names) a grandmother of a 3-year-old, grand-daughter, (name). She currently resides in Atlanta.

What makes you an Extraordinary Woman?
I am an extraordinary because I go beyond the limit and I am positive example of not letting difficulties hold you back. I have survived homelessness, domestic violence, losses, and failures and can still hold my head up and help others learn and become all that God would have them to be.

Tell me more about your organization/business?
Terri Clay Enterprises, is my company name and we are helping people to live on purpose. I am a inspirational speaker, and purpose coach. I am a soon to be Author of a book “From Fab to Fierce” where I am pushing people to accomplish their dreams no matter what. My business is encouraging people, women and teens to greatness. I am also passionate about helping low-income children to travel to see the world. I am in the process of getting my 501c3 for a non-profit that I am founding “Steppin Out Of The Box” http://www.steppinoutofthebox.org/

How is your business/organization impacting women’s lives?
We are encouraging women to live on purpose and to accomplish their dreams in spite of the difficulties that happen. To fight for their dreams and make it happen no matter what.

What made you step out on Faith? What was your aha moment?
Oh wow this is easy, I was a nurse by trade and my business was taking a lot of my time. I wanted to quit, but I knew if I quit at the time I without feeling lead, it would make me doubt the decision to quit. I prayed and said, “God if its time to quit end the job.” Within the week the job was gone. I knew I had to live on purpose as I was teaching others to do.

What motivates you or drives you especially when things get a little hectic?
The assignment that God gave me. He made me creative and ideas come in the groves. Accomplishing those goals and assignments drives me as well as making this world be a better place

In Ephesians 3:20 it states, “God will do exceedingly and abundantly above anything that you can ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within you.” How does this passage apply to you?
So many times I have prayed for help or a miracle, the answer comes 100 fold of what I have asked. The accomplishments I have made have all come from God doing a work in me I could have never imagined or dreamed.

What obstacles have you had to overcome? How did you overcome them?
I was a mother of 4 and a survivor of domestic violence. I was on welfare and had been homeless at 21 years old. I went to nursing school and had to overcome failure and racism and a 10 year struggle to graduate. Just to find out in 3 months nursing was not my purpose. My journey to become a inspirational speaker came along with the loss of my home, my car and many other failures. Push, drive and persistence helped me to accomplishments in spite of what I endured.

How do you handle negativity& negative people?
First I try to detach myself from them and their negative message. I don’t let them speak words of negativity and doubt over my life. Secondly, I continue to speak positive words and surround my self with like minded people

Extraordinary women usually live very busy lives, how do you handle success? What do you do as your stress reliever? What do you do in your spare time? What is your favorite weekend getaway spot?
I have a very, very, very busy life. At this point of my life, I don’t get much free time. When I am stressed, I tend to turn to God to calm me down and deliver me from the stresses life. In my spare time I attend church, plays, movies and travel. My favorite weekend getaway right now because time is limited is going to Kentucky to visit my family (Parents, children and grand-child are there). Family is important to me.

Any recommended reading that has inspired you on your journey?
What changed my thinking on money is Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, The other book I just love is “Think Like a Billionaire by Scot Anderson

What are your tried and true sho’nuff steps to success?
1. You must network and meet people

2. You can never and I mean never quit until you win

3. Try

4. Make no excuses!!! (Let nothing stop you from accomplishing your dream)

5. After you have done all of that (Keep FIGHTING)

What is your legacy?
My legacy is that I help women and teens to live and be the people God would have them to be as well as helping low-income kids to see things they never thought possible.

Ways to contact you or where to find your product? How to get involve with your organization?

Terri Clay Enterprises, http://www.terriclayinspires.com/, www.about.me/terriclay You can purchase any Terri Clay Enterprises product, book- “From Fab to Fierce”, cd’s, mp3’s via the website.

Steppin Out Of the Box ~ http://www.steppinoutofthebox.org/ Donations via the website or volunteers needs our for next summer trips.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Whether it is volunteering, writing a book, starting a band, or reading to the elderly, I want to encourage women to be Extraordinary. To live their best life yet! What are some parting words of wisdom or nuggets of knowledge you want to leave with my readers?
No matter how many difficulties that you endure during you life time. Never, Never give up on your dreams. Keep fighting and eventually all the dreams you envisioned will come true. Live your life the way God intended for you. He created you to "Live &Walk in Purpose."

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