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Anyone who know me, knows I am not a cook.  Can I cook? Sure, I can cook to survive but I am not a lover of cooking.  Eating? Well I love to eat!  I am going to try to present this the best way I can. When God gave it to me it was so profound. It was one of things that get you up out of bed at 3 o'clock in the morning profound. 

Recently, at work, I help with the creations of "CASA Cooks" Cookbook (on sale for $10 now email me if you would like to purchase one).  While working on this project, I learned when writing a recipe, one must include the prepartation time.  For people who like to cook and own many cookbooks, check them out and you will see prep time apart of the recipe.  In the section prep time, it will give an indications of how long the meal will take to prepare. This is not including the actual cooking time.  Prep time actually varies per recipes. It can take some 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even a day prior to cooking. 

With the new year fastly approaching and many people thinking about new year's resolutions or 2012 plans, I want to talk about prep-time for 2012. If you are like me, I already have an idea of how I want 2012 to go for me. I have an idea of changes I want to make to my blog, my writing style, my personal life and my spiritual life.  I know you have ideas swirling around in your head as well.  But as today I am going to borrow some words from my friend and fellow blogger Nicole Hilton "Pause & have a sip of Tea with me"  Hit the pause button for a moment. "What do you need to do in 2011 to prepare for 2012?"  Do you need to spend 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or hour getting your plan together for 2012? Do you even know how you want to implement this plan? As you see God really has been dealing with me about this. The Holy Spirit made me realize, It takes more than just writing things down a paper to make it come to pass.  A recipe is just words on a paper until someone tries to cook it. When the person cook it, they have to read it and know what incredients are needed in order to prepare it. Then the cook has to follow the directions to get the recipe to turn out just right.  Things begin to drop into my spirit about preparations.  I began to think about the who what where why when and how I was going to make my dreams come to pass.  Are there things I need to do prepare for those changes.  I know I want to be a web-star.  Well  how do I become a web-star? What do I need to do to prep myself for being a Web-star. I just used myself as an example but apply these questions to your life.   What do you want to see happen in your life next year? How can you prepare for it this year.  There are still a few weeks left in the year. It is still time to dream and dream big. It is still to get the vision from God and prepare for the blessing.  (Read the story of Joseph. He help the Egyptians prepare for 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine after he interpret Pharoah's dream)

Just Giving you something to think about

Jay'L Harris

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