The Love Experience...

7:40:00 AM

Raheem Devaughn wrote a song that really explains the lesson I have learn this year.  It has been amazing at how God has moved in this area for me. He has moved in a way I least expected. At the end of last year, I asked to experience love. I said, "God I want to be loved back"  I was thinking and expecting one way but what he did was open my eyes for me to see I have been experience love all along. 

The chorus of the song goes as following:

The I've experienced

The Love experience

You should experience

The love experience

We are all, all experiments

Of the love experience

So just experience

See I have experienced the LOVE EXPERIENCE through the man I met at a the CASA conference even though it fizzled out quickly. He reminded me I was still a sweet thing and worth the pursuit.  To my Asian Boo who became a very good friend he taught me Lovee knows no color. He reminded me that I am beautiful(click on the link to hear Rubin Studdard's song Beautiful)  To my Girls, they reminded real friends will go above and beyond, through the rivers, the woods, the jungle, on a speed boat with you. They will struggle with you pray with you love on you encourage you. Every time I look at my birthday present I am reminded that I we are all Queens. They have made 2011 a blast.  From vacations to birthday dinners, It has been wonderful.  To my family in our time of bereavement, I have seen us rally around each other and love on each other, cry with each other, and laugh with each other & now grieve the lost of our beloved brother, uncle, father and husband, but we must remember this is the man who taught us how to laugh, & brought so much joy into our lives.  To my babies, (EPIC Middle School Ministry, my nieces and nephews, to my god-daughters and sons), with every hug, tickle, laughter, joke, scolding they have brought me so much joy. They are my stress relievers.  I don't understand how anyone can be around a child and not laugh.  They see the world so differently from us Adults. They are not jaded yet.  To my Creative Boo, I wanted so badly for him to be the one, but now I know he couldn't be the one because he was sent into my laugh to prepare me for the one. I appreciate every life lesson I learned with him. I wish him the best.  To my Ultra Mega best friend,  words cannot expressed the appreciation I feel for her .  She has become more like a sister to me than a friend.  To my Pookie, we have fought all year like cats and dogs. After our last fight in May, I realize I never want to get that mad anyone every again. I learn not to make a decision in the mist of my anger. When I do, I immediately regret it when I calm down.  When I thought I lost him a few weeks ago, I realized I don't want to live life without him being a part of it.  To my boss, She gave me a bad review but now that I think about I deserved it. I'm grateful she cared enough about me to call me to the carpet. She helped me to see that I really do play a vital part in our organization. To my fellow bloggers, they have encouraged me with their blogs and stories. Thank you ladies for supporting me in my growth as a blogger.  I believe 2012  will be our year.  To every Extraordinary Person I have interviewed, each and everyone of you have inspired me greatly. I am so glad that I can do my small part to connect you to new fans, business partners, & etc...but more importantly, I am grateful that God has used me through the blog to connect people who needed to be Inspired, Empowered & Served by showcasing people like you! To my readers, Man! Whew!   you made Unlikely Love have its best year yet!  The two years of grinding and hard work is finally paying off!  To my assistant, I couldn't do this with out her. She has been with me since day one,  & one day I will be able to pay her what she is worth!  To my ministry team at church, They made me look great in a time when I was so unfocused. I struggle to lead at the beginning this year but we it all came together towards the end. I love serving in ministry with them.  To the friend I didn't even know was a friend until recently, he has been a welcome distraction, a confidant, a prayer warrior, and an encourager.  I simple love his spirit. He has made me want to stop and see the color purple (reference to Shug Avery's line in the last scene of the Color Purple).  

As I listen to this song on repeat for the forth time, I realize I have been apart of God's experiment of the love experience.  I am completely open to just experience...

As 2011 comes to a close and we ursher in a New Year, Don't sit on the sideline in 2012 but become apart of the experiment and The Love Experience.

Be Blessed, Be Extraordinary

Jay'L Harris

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