New Phase of Life...

8:55:00 PM

Do you remember your high school graduation? All the dreams & ambitions your had? All the nightmares? I remember being so nervous asking myself questions like "Am I ready to be an Adult? Am I ready to venture off to college on my own away from my family?"  I was panicky with fear about my next phase of life...

With the New Year fast approaching, I have the same overwhelming anxiousness that I had upon graduating high school.  I am entering a brand spanking new phase in life.  I am asking myself the same questions as before but it is one big difference.  I am entering my new phase with 16 years experience.  Experience in trusting and believing in the most High God. Experience in praying and standing on the word of God. Experience in knowing that JESUS has my back.  Just like when I walked on Valdosta State University campus for the first time that Fall semester 16 years ago, I knew I was going to have some struggles and some great times but mostly I knew I wasn't leaving Valdosta, GA without my degree in hand.  As I peer ahead into the my new phase, I'm going to step into it with the confidence of Jesus Christ. I know It will be so good days and some not so good days but mainly I know I am going to get everything that God has in store for me.

Be Blessed, Be Extraordinary

Jay'L Harris

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