Diamond Miner part Deaux

7:39:00 AM

Last year I wrote a blog called Diamond Miner, well here is part two of that blog. When I wrote that blog, God had me going through a healing process. He was helping get my self esteem together and I needed that word for that season. Just the other day he put this into my spirit. I have been walking around for 3 days with Diamond Miner part deaux in my head. Let me try to share the revelation I have the best I can.

First let me say when the miner starts to dig around the diamond (me) to remove it from the work left to be done to me. OMG I have been in shock! Here I am thinking I have it going on (which I do), and I am the catch and the prize (which I am) this whole time, and God has been trying to tell me he still has some work to do with me. When I say it hurts to be pulled out of the earth, I am talking about my comfort zone. For so long, I've only been concern for my feelings, things I want to accomplish. I have been chilling & relaxing in this spot for a long time and now God is moving me it is hard to move out my comfort zone. All last week, I was whining and complaining to God that this sucks!!! But he told me this is what happens to a diamond when it is discovered. There is a lot of work to be done. A lot goes in to extract a diamond of my caliber. I realize I am a lot to deal with at times. I can be very selfish & spoil. Heck honestly I am comfortable with my place in life, but I know it is my season to move on from this place. The hardest thing about this situation is I have to be still until the miner totally frees me. This means I have to sit still while he is on lunch break, his two 15 minutes break, & while he goes home at the end the day! (he does need to rest) By the way totally irks me, because I have very little patience. I can't help him wriggle me out! The miner must go to his Supervisor (God) on how to get instruction on the best way to extract me out the earth. He must listen carefully because although I am strong and hard, I am also fragile and easily broken. Even as I write, I realize I am in the middle of the process. I must practice patience until the process is over. I also realize this particular miner may not be the one who ends up with the prize (me) but he is the one God has chosen to help me through the process.

Waiting with anticipation and expectation, God is doing Great Things in my life!


Be on the look out for Diamond Miner par trois

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