What Happens When Your Dreams are Altered?

5:19:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I wrote on here, but the end of 2011 was a trying time for me. I am so glad God helped me make it through.  Oh let me pause right now I proceed any further HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

As I was saying earlier, the end of 2011 was a trying for me.  Things I was planning for myself came to a halt.  I was planning to really take things to another level with my blogging and writing. I had plans to launch my own web show based on the popular segment Extraordinary Friday's.  I was totally amped up about all of my dreams becoming a reality.  I had worked hard to get to this point in my mind and my vision. I was ready to soar until things fell apart.  Things happen beyond my control. My editor's computer suddenly crashed, my job has gotten more demanding, & honestly I haven't been inspired to write. 

I always prided myself on having a clear vision for my life. I can see my dreams and goals ahead of me and I try very hard to focus on those dreams and goals.  I really like to hit my target.  I like all the stages of planning, execution and the reward of achievement.

So now, I feel like everything is blurry and hard to see through the setbacks and confusion. I asked myself and you the question

What happens when your dream is altered?

I know right now the best thing for me is to stay in the face of God and listen for directions but I was wondering about the thoughts of others on this question.  Feel free to leave comments and remarks

Be Extraordinary

Jay’L Harris

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