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Pluck out of my comfort zone into the wild; I learned many lessons from my Glamping Trip. Every year the women of my church go on a Women’s Retreat, usually the trips are in a luxury hotel and suites. I have never been on a retreat with the church before but the year I do decide to go they want to go Glamping.  (Glamorized Camping)  The thought of sleeping outside with bugs, spiders, frogs and wild animals made me a nervous Nelly. I almost cried when I went to Wal-Mart shopping for supplies.  While traveling on the church van to Lake Lanier Islands, my nervousness turned to excitement.  I realized I was going to create memories & stories to tell my grandchildren one day.  I was embarking on a new exciting adventure.  Throughout the weekend, I met new people, made new friends, encouraged old friends.  I helped build a fire and was a part of the winning “Dessert Off” Challenge Team.  We had a baker on team.  She told me to keep piling the brown sugar on the apples.  It worked the judges said our apples tasted just like the filling of an apple pie.  I participated in Fireside Pillow Talk.  I thought it was awesome to hear women tell their testimonies of being blessed and seeing things from their last retreat vision board came to fruition. It was a blessing just to sit, listen, & learn.  In my head, I keep saying I won’t go Glamping ever again, but in my heart I know it is a lie. When the ladies of PURE decided to do another glamping trip, I will sign up to go again.  I will remember to take a few more comforts of home.

My Top Six Lessons I Learned from Glamping 

1.       Don’t be afraid to try something new
2.       I appreciate the comforts of home and realize I am truly blessed
3.      When storms are happening in my life, pray to God, rest in his peace and go back to sleep.
4.      Ask for a tent closer to the bathrooms.  100 feet is a long way to walk when you have Pee at 3 o’clock in the morning.
5.      God has equipped me everything I need on the inside of me and my surroundings.  (IlkaMurray preached that thing.  If able to attend her women's conference, I highly recommend you attend! 
6.      Choose your bathroom buddy wisely… This is the person who will go with you to the potty at 3 am.

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