Expanding the Bandwidth of Your Imagination

Hey Peeps! I'm geeked off coffee and three hours of sleep! But, I needed to share with you about my wonderful opportunity to speak with The High Performance Entrepreneurs Show with Malina Bien from across the pond. The combination of excitement and nervousness kept me up most of the night. I woke up at 2:30 am to prepare for my interview at 4 am est. (It was 9 am in London!)Man, what a crazy experience! For the past few months, I spoke that I was going to speak around the world and named London specifically. Although I didn't go physically, my virtual presence made the trip. Soon and very soon, I believe I will get the chance to speak in London. Be sure to grab some paper and a pen, becau

5 Tips to Creating a Killer Personal Vision Statement

Whether you are planning to write a book or start a blog, It is a good idea to write out a detail vision for your project. It's important to get your ideas on paper. When working with clients, I asked them to give me three words to describe themselves. For some, this is an easy task, but for others it is challenging. I do this exercise to help narrow down their focus to begin the steps of crafting a personal mission statement. Understanding the purpose of your writing project is the key to success. Here are Five Tips To Help you Create a Killer Personal Vision Statement! List out things which come naturally to you. We all have gifts and talents that we do without thinking. A lot of times our

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