It's Your Time to Shine!!!

Welcome, 2019! We’re in the 2nd week of 2019! How exciting is that? 2018 has come and gone. We’ve learned many valuable lessons, overcame obstacles, let go of things holding us back, and embraced our authentic selves. Overall, I must say, 2018 was a good year. Guess What Lolas? (I love the name Lola) 2019 will be a GREAT Year! How do I know, you asked? Call it my woman's intuition. It’s this deep knowing in my spirit that 2019 is going to be very good to me. The cycle of doubt and insecurity are ending, and opening up are doors of opportunity for love, money, and creativity. Yaaaas! I feel all the positive juices flowing my way. I not only feel it for myself, but I believe it is happening f

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