How to Stop Faking the Funk

Hey Family, For this week’s blog, I decided to pull out a video from my Facebook Lives. Every Monday at 10:30 am, I do a Facebook Live called 15-minute Break. I specifically chose this video in particular, because I often deal with the Imposter Syndrome. You know, the syndrome where every time you do something amazing you experience the sinking feeling you are a fraud. One day people are going to find out that you don’t know what you are doing. I know I am not the only person who struggles with this. I hope this is as beneficial to you as it has been to the people who participated in my live. Be Blessed,

Social Media Branding 101 for New Entrepreneurs

Why do I look like I am always having fun on social media? Two words...I AM!!!! No the smile, the laughter and the pure joy you see is not a front. I really am having that much fun in my life. After all, my best friend and oldest brother is a professional comedian. I come from a family of clowns and people who love to laugh. My family taught me that laughter is like medicine for the soul. This principle helped me to cultivate a spirit of joy despite experiencing hardships like being FIRED TWICE!!! I like to say Joy is not the absence of problems, but it is choosing to be happy despite those problems. I know for a fact that JOY is my strength! While struggling with discovering my own brand’

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