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Do you want to hire a social media strategist with graphic design skills? Yes of course you do! My next question is, can you afford one?

The answer is probably not? I’ve been there. When I first started I wanted to hire an entire marketing team but my funds said No!  Did I let that stop me? Hell No! I put my big girl panties on and spent countless hours learning about graphic design and social media marketing. It’s taken me years to discover my flow and be comfortable with my skills.  

But Jay, I don’t have that kind of time! The market is changing every day! I need grab and go graphics at my fingertips.


I know and I feel you!  What if I tell you I can help you for less than a week’s worth of your favorite coffee at Starbucks!  Yes, for the same amount of money you spend on coffee for a week you can make a small investment in your social media design that will help your brand stand out!  


Do I have your attention? 


Jay L Harris Creative Werks is now offering pre-designed templates from the world’s easiest online designed platform Canva.  No more sifting through thousands of options trying to figure out which one to use for your business. My templates are designed to give you 30-days worth of content. You can batch and automate your social media marketing freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks in your business. 


How does this sound? Are you interested in learning more? 


Normally, my clients spend up to $100 a month with me for branded social media posts which can be a lot of money for new solopreneurs.  My pre-designed templates allow you to get my standout design for a much lower price. You get to work with me at a price-point you can afford.  Doesn’t that sound great?


Ok, Jay, you had me at less than my weekly Starbucks habit.  What’s the price?


My pre-designed branded social media templates are available for $27.  That’s right for $27 you can purchase 30 days of Branded Social Media Content.  Yes, It is yours to use forever.  Use the template for as long as you like.  Change it to meet your branded needs.  The templates are pre-design to fit Instagram but can be used on other platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn. 

Bonus!!! Yes, there is a bonus!!!

As a thank you, and I am gifting you five stock photos! You can use these photos any way you like.  We all know how difficult it is to find pictures that speak to you and your audience!

Are you ready to order your template?