Are you ready to reclaim your Joy & start living a more Positive, Healthy, Active, Thankful lifestyle?

I wrote a book! Of Course Jay, we know. No! I wrote & published a second book that I never really promoted. I wrote this book during a time when I needed to reclaim my joy and learn how to live healthily. Guess what? I blew the dust off that sucka and decided to share it with you. I have been sitting on this idea for three years, but now that second half of 2020 is here, I know it is time to go ahead with my 21 Days to Creating Joy program. If you are ready to amp up the JOY in your life, Join Me for this master series!

Being Joyful In Every Area In Your Life is the Secret to Success!

Now more than ever, it is important to create more joy in our lives. Everywhere we turn we are inundated with negativity. I know I am not the only person who has struggled to remain positive in a world filled with darkness. In this 21 day reboot, I will help you reclaim your joy with the tools that I have used in the past to help live a positive life. 


Join Me in 2020!!! Space is Limited!