The Girls’ Trip Guide to Creating a Dazzling Reader Profile to Help You Better Connect With Your Aud

Do you want to know how to connect better with your readers online? Hollywood uses this secret for movies like Girls’ Trip for years. Now, I want to share the hush-hush phenomenon with you! Keep reading to The Girls’ Trip Guide to Creating a Dazzling Reader Profile to Help You Better Connect With Your Audience!

Four college friends travel to the world famous Essence Festival in New Orleans to reconnect with friends. Girls’ Trip is the funniest movie in America! In their opening weekend, they made 30 million dollars. I know I was one of the people standing in line to pay my $13 with my best buds from college!

Why Did Millions of Women Stand In Line To See This Movie? Why did Social Media Go Crazy over this Movie?

One Word! Connected!

Every woman who sat in the movie theater connected to a character on screen. She related to either Queen Latifah's character the struggling gossip blogger Sasha or the superwoman but really falling apart Regina Hall's character Ryan. Ladies saw themselves on screen! Better yet, they saw their crew on screen. Flossy Posse!

Young, Old, Black, White no matter the creed, nationality, or age, women love this movie. My friends and I traveled back down memory lane. Oh, the laughs we shared, the road trips we made, and the secrets that will go with us to our graves. Will Packard and company created a phenomenal movie.

Jay, how does this help authors be more successful on Social Media?

Hold On! I am going to tell you!

Many people have heard of the consumer profile. The Consumer Profile helps businesses target the right consumer for their product. The consumer profile helps to craft a message which entrepreneurs want to use to promote their services. It's used all the time in marketing and branding. The goal of an entrepreneur is to make money to stay in business.

What if you apply the Consumer Profile principle to marketing your book?

Yes! Let’s take this marketing principle and apply to you as an author. The ultimate goal of an Author is to build a tribe that loves their books while creating ongoing passive income!

Sooo What are You Waiting For? Let’s Create a Dazzling Reader Profile!

Download free worksheet (link)

As independent authors, we write books for people to read. We don’t slave over 50,000 words count book for it sit on the shelves. We want people to see our cover, read our back cover synopsis, read the inside content, and go tell their friends about our books.

We don’t have the same luxury as our traditionally publish authors to have a marketing team at our disposal. Many of us are DIYers when it comes to marketing your books. I would love to sit down with a marketing team to develop a great strategy for selling my books worldwide. I am a team of one which means I am responsible for the marketing of books. Let me be honest, this is not how I want to spend my time, but I have found that marketing is an essential piece to becoming a successful independent author.

Just like with any product, we must answer the questions, "Who’s going to buy our product and Why?" When we answer these questions, we can begin to design a winning formula for marketing our books. Today we are going to focus on who’s going to buy our product? We will do this by creating a reader profile.

3 Things a Reader Profile Does for Your Marketing Plan

  • Helps authors define their target audience- I call this Finding Your Tribe! Who are the people who can relate to your book? These are the people who speak your language! It is important to clearly define your target audience so you can make some moola from your book!

  • Helps with social media marketing- Millions of people are selling stuff on social media everyday. How do you get a piece of the action? We do this by creating a niche and speaking the language of your tribe!

  • Helps connect authors with their readers- The goal is to connect with readers. We don’t want to sell books only. We want people naming their children after their favorite character. Our readers should become our family.

Ok, Jay! You’ve peaked my interest so how do I create this reader profile?

Well, I thought you would never ask!

Here is a list of Items that belong in your Reader Profile. No worries I created a worksheet for you to download. It’s Free!

Items that Belong In Your Reader Profile

  • Give your reader a Name (Be Creative. My reader’s name is Lola Fountaine!)

  • What is their Age?

  • What are their Hobbies?

  • What are their Likes

  • What are their dislikes?

  • Is this person Tech Savvy?

  • What Social Media platform do they use the most?

  • Do they Travel?

  • What are their Favorite Things?

Here is my final tip when creating a reader profile. Remember to answer the 5 W’s! Who, What, Where, Why, and When. Answering the 5 W’s will help you create a detail reader profile and spark marketing ideas.

We know first hand the tedious work that goes into writing a book. Many times Authors have slaved over a book only to find out that there is more work to be done. Our founder, Jay L Harris, understands a strong marketing plan is an author’s best friend.

Whether you are using the tried and true traditional methods of marketing or Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snap Chat, Jay’L Harris Creative Werks has plans to meet your needs!

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