So You Want to Write a Book? Reasons Why You Need a Writing Schedule

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You’ve asked me over and over again. How do I find time to write books, blogs, and content with my busy schedule? Well, I am telling you the secret of many successful authors, they use a writing schedule. I use a tried and true formula that works. It will have you completing manuscripts in no time flat! You will go from an aspiring author to sending out your book to the editors. There is no greater joy than seeing the idea in your mind on paper.

If you are serious about writing a book, you need my new ebook Writing for the Busy Bee! How to Create a Writing Schedule That Works With Your Busy Schedule!

My book will not only help you write your book in 30 days, but it is a tool you will want to use over and over again. Once you know what the pros use, you can be on your way to writing greatness!

I’m so excited about my new ebook Writing for the Busy Bee! How to Create a Writing Schedule That Works With Your Busy Schedule! I included a snippet for you to enjoy!

“Life is constantly moving. From putting in 40 hours a week on a job to being a soccer mom on the weekend, most women live busy lives. You know you have a great idea for a book but when do you have time to put it on paper? The answer is a writing schedule!

What is a writing schedule?

Simple, it is time you’ve set aside to write. The writer schedules a time to write whether in the morning, evening or at night base on their preference.

Most writers recommend writing in the morning since the ideas are free-flowing that time of day. They believe it is better to get the writing out the way before their day gets busy.

My advice is to choose a time you are likely to stay committed too!

Why a writing schedule?

A writing schedule is a tool that holds a writer accountable. When life gets very busy, it is easy to stop writing. A schedule helps a writer stay focus on their writing goals. When they make an appointment to write, authors maximize the use of their time."

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This book is Amazing! It is the first time I am sharing my secret with others! I know you are going to love. I can’t wait to help you write your first book! These are exciting times!

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Jay L Harris

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