5 Tips to Creating a Killer Personal Vision Statement

Whether you are planning to write a book or start a blog, It is a good idea to write out a detail vision for your project. It's important to get your ideas on paper. When working with clients, I asked them to give me three words to describe themselves. For some, this is an easy task, but for others it is challenging. I do this exercise to help narrow down their focus to begin the steps of crafting a personal mission statement. Understanding the purpose of your writing project is the key to success.

Here are Five Tips To Help you Create a Killer Personal Vision Statement!

  1. List out things which come naturally to you. We all have gifts and talents that we do without thinking. A lot of times our purpose are locked up in these things we take for granted.

  2. If you can do anything in the world without limits what would that be? Our dreams are deeply embedded in us. The secret desires we have are the dreams we want to tap in too!

  3. How do you want to help someone? Who do you want to help? Our lives cannot be all about us. We were created to help others.

  4. Practice your elevator pitch! In 60 seconds, sell yourself to a person who can change your life.

  5. Narrow your vision to the three most important words that describe you. Example: Teach. Create. Inspire.

Defining your vision statement helps bring your life into focus. Stop wandering around asking people what is your purpose in life. Allow your path came into plain view. The journey will allow you to write some amazing things.

Challenge: Take a few minutes to define your vision statement this week by using the tips above and let me know what you come with.

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