Expanding the Bandwidth of Your Imagination

Hey Peeps!

I'm geeked off coffee and three hours of sleep! But, I needed to share with you about my wonderful opportunity to speak with The High Performance Entrepreneurs Show with Malina Bien from across the pond. The combination of excitement and nervousness kept me up most of the night. I woke up at 2:30 am to prepare for my interview at 4 am est. (It was 9 am in London!)Man, what a crazy experience! For the past few months, I spoke that I was going to speak around the world and named London specifically. Although I didn't go physically, my virtual presence made the trip. Soon and very soon, I believe I will get the chance to speak in London.

Be sure to grab some paper and a pen, because I drop some nuggets in this interview. Yes, I am tooting my own horn. I even amaze myself at the insight I've gained from my journey of entrepreneurship! One of the main things I have learned on my journey is how to use my imagination! I am a firm believer in Ephesians 3:20, "God is able to do Infinitely More than I can IMAGINE!" Everything I am doing in my business started with this principle. I believe the bigger my imagination, the more God can do in my life! When I begin to apply this principle to my life, I literally saw my business take off.

Resourceful is a synonym for imagination. Boy, have I had to be resourceful. I started my business with $0 funds and a dream. With a little elbow grease and google, I birthed a full-fledged money making business! Has it all been peaches and cream? By no means, but it has been an awarding experience. I can honestly say I know how to generate an income. My imagination has served me well, and I want to share my three tips with you on How to Expand the Bandwidth of Your Imagination!

3 Tips to Expanding Your Imagination!

Ask Questions!!! Be inquisitive. Be Curious. Don’t be afraid to ask how does something work.

Seek out information. Do your Research. Google, Youtube, and Pinterest are my best friends. Find an expert to answer your questions.

Kick open doors of your imagination. Don’t be afraid to color outside the line or to take one step out your comfort zone. Remember there multiple ways to solve a problem.

There you have it, people! This is one of the many principles in which I live my life!

Be Sure to watch the video to hear more on these strategies!

Be Blessed,

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