Shit I wished I'd known at 23

Now that I am in my 40’s, my views are a lot different than when I was 23. At 23, I was fresh out of college and on this I AM EVERY WOMAN kick! I thought I had all the time in the world to live my life, but boy was I wrong. I am learning how not regret most of my life decision. I can honestly say everything worked out for my good. I am very thankful for my life. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t change a thing. I was in the midst of a pity party when I decided to write about five things I would tell my 23-year-old self. I wish had known these things back then, but if I can help someone in their life’s journey now with my lessons, it would make everything worth it.

5 Things I would tell my 23-year-old self

  1. Stay with your first job!!!! Don’t worry about moving up in ranks and making more money. Use this job to fund the vision. Use this time to tap into your creative side to start a 2nd source of income.

  2. Stop telling your business to everyone who listens. Learn to make decisions for yourself!

  3. Don’t move back home!

  4. Marry that man. Make beautiful babies and divorce his ass later only to remarry him again.

  5. Love your Big Beautiful Goofy Self! The people you are trying to impress right now are not your friends 20 years from now!

What is some real-life advice you would give yourself? Leave your comments below!

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