3 ways to market to the new microgeneration called Xennials:

In your marketing strategy are you targeting Xennials? Xennials are the generation between Generation X and Millennials. They grew up on the cusp of the technology boom. They remember cassette tapes, CDs, walkmans, beepers, and flip phones. They are the last generation to play outside and play Nintendo. They have a unique perspective on life. They have a thirst for adventure and trying new things all the while appreciating the value of hard work. They are the ones that thrift shop for brands they love and do things their own way.

Xennials where born between 1977-1984. They graduate high school between 1995-2002. They likely transition from antiquated technology to modern day technology. They have a great grasp on technology, but not tied to their phones like millennials. They are now entering into their early 40’s. Many are transitioning into high-level jobs in their careers or looking to start their 2nd act in life by becoming life-coaches, consultants, & entrepreneurs.

The question most marketers are asking themselves, “How do we connect with Xennials?” How do we appeal to their inquisitive nature? What do we offer the generation that is not quite old not and not really young?

3 ways to market to Xennials:

Social Media- Most Xennials have Facebook Accounts. Your target audience should include people in the seven year age range of 42-35. They will likely live close to major metro-areas and in the suburbs. They are looking for things to do with family and hang out reminiscing with friends. When creating ads, consider things that will bring back the nostalgia of their childhood.

Traditional Marketing- Yes you still need to do some good old fashion marketing. How do you connect to your customers offline? The best form of marketing is word of mouth. Your job as a marketer is to get Xennials talking. Host an event that caters to them. Bring back music from the late ’90s and early 2000s. Re-introduce a product they love as teens. In the words, of Diana Ross “Reach & Touch” Xennials.

Appeal to their Intellect- Most Xennials are having informed discussion about current events, politics, and religion. They know how to do research beyond Wikipedia. They still read newspapers & trade magazines. (although mostly online) They still watch the news and engage in what is going on in their community. These discussions are taking place online, in coffee shops, & wineries. They know the world is not black & white but very many shades of gray. As a marketer, you should be engaging in these conversations. Your marketing strategies should be informative, engaging, and fun!

If your marketing strategies don’t include the microgeneration of Xennials, it is time you include them. This is a generation with disposable income looking to spend it!

What are some ways you would market to Xennials?

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