Keys to Staying Positive In Uncertain Times

As a self-proclaimed creative entrepreneur, I know first hand how following the calling to create can wreak havoc on your emotions. There are plenty of days I struggle to get out of bed. Owning your own business is a calling. You have to be out your mind to give up a steady paycheck to pursue the uncertainty of owning a small business. It is not all glitz and glam over here. There are many days of shade and sacrifice, but I don’t regret one moment of it. Creating a legacy and helping others drives me to perform at my best.

Although I try to keep it positive most days, I am well aware that not every day is sunshine. Many of my counterparts on social media mainly talk about winning and only show you the good parts of business ownership. I want to discuss the messy piles of shit no one wants to show you off screen. While I am really exposing my own weaknesses, I feel that it is important to educate you on the pitfalls of entrepreneurship and how to process through them. I cannot stress this enough. Entrepreneurship is a journey.

Anything you are called to do or purpose to do you will have days where you feel the weight of that calling. You cannot avoid these days you must learn how to push past the moments of doubt, confusion and periods of frustration. You must quickly learn how to be your own best cheerleader!

Here are my three keys on how to do just that!

  • Acknowledge your feelings but don’t accept them for truth. Accept how you feel in the moment and then release it. Do this by journaling your thoughts

  • Build Up Your Endurance. We are running a marathon not a sprint. Pace yourself for the journey. Be realistic in your goal setting and schedule your time accordingly

  • Just Be- Break away from the routine and enjoy life. Do what you can do and let the chips fall into place.

Here’s a replay of my live podcast 15-minute Break: In pursuit of a Positive, Productive, & Purposeful Live where I go into more details about my Keys to Staying Positive in Discouraging Times. Be sure to tune in Every Monday at 10:30 am @ Jay L Harris Creative Werks.

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