Social Media Branding 101 for New Entrepreneurs

My Super Saucy Secrets to Social Media Branding

Why do I look like I am always having fun on social media?

Two words...I AM!!!!

No the smile, the laughter and the pure joy you see is not a front. I really am having that much fun in my life. After all, my best friend and oldest brother is a professional comedian. I come from a family of clowns and people who love to laugh. My family taught me that laughter is like medicine for the soul. This principle helped me to cultivate a spirit of joy despite experiencing hardships like being FIRED TWICE!!!

I like to say Joy is not the absence of problems, but it is choosing to be happy despite those problems. I know for a fact that JOY is my strength!

While struggling with discovering my own brand’s identity, it was my mentor, coach, and brother, who kept pointing out my positive attitude. All three said, “People need the kind of energy you offer in their lives.” After meditating, I finally had an A-Ha moment. I said to myself, “Why the hell not package my positivity in a bottle.” I re-branded my website, change the look and feel of my social media and Voila! I launched to crickets….Hahaha, You wasn’t ready to read that. Yes, not every idea works the first time out. Deep down on the inside, I knew I had a winning formula. After weeks of my hard work and making tweaks here and there, I slowly begin to see success. I soon realized that commitment and consistency is the key to winning in these streets.

Ok, Jay what does this have to do with Social Media?

I will be the first to tell you it is tons of useful information on the world wide web about social media. Many people are offering different strategies that work. After scouring through scores of websites & youtube channel, the information can be overwhelming. If you are like me when I am overwhelmed, I’m like an ostrich, sticking my head in the sand. Who wants to live life like this? Ummmmm No One!!!

After I got my head out the sand, here is what I did. I wrote down everything I knew about social media. Tips and strategies that I know work and generate income for me. I am not looking to have thousands of followers, and none of them buy my products. I am interested in connecting to my right audience to build relationships that convert to moola!!! The goal is to establish trust. How do you do that? I am so glad you asked!!!

First, you need to download my FREE guide.

Grab Your FREE Copy of My Guide

Second, you need to download my FREE guide.

Lastly, you need to download my FREE guide.

Did I tell you to need to download my guide? Oh Yes, I did!

In my guide, I give you the secrets to my sauce. I break down social media branding into three easy steps. My clients who use my formula see amazing results. More people are engaging in their post. Honey not just likes, but people are actually having conversations. They are seeing an increase of people clicking the links in their profile. What does that mean? It means that people connect with their message. (Oh My Gosh! Mind Blowing!) When people connect with your message, they start to believe in your brand which in turns means they will buy your services and products.

What more do I have to tell you for you to download my FREE DIY Social Media Guide?

This FREE information that I am giving away is yours if you want it! If you don’t want it, I can’t make you download it. I can only lead the horse to water, but I can’t make it drink. You’ve been asking the universe for help, and here it is. Take my formula, and run with it! Use it! I don’t care! I want you to be successful. I want you to learn how to use social media to reach your revenue goals! It is very possible, I know! I haven’t worked for anybody for seven years!!!

I could go on and on about this stuff. That’s how much I love it. If you are looking for some easy simple strategies for social media branding, grab my FREE DIY Social Media Guide! I know you will benefit from it!

Like always Peeps, Be Blessed. Talk to You Soon,


Jay L Harris

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