6 Ways to Make Money with a small Instagram Following.

You don’t have to have tons of followers to make money from social media.

Now that I have my thesis statement out the way, Let’s talk. I meet many small business owners who worry about getting likes and followers often to the detriment of their creative process. Yes, marketing is a vital piece to our business. Yes, creating a strong social media presence is essential, because we go into business to make money. Stressing out over followers is not going to bring in the moola. Comparing your new small business to someone who has been in business for over five years with 10,000 followers will not have the money flowing in with ease. Honestly, it will do the exact opposite. We attract what we think about the most. Comparing yourself to others will have you in low vibrational territory which means you will not attract the funds you need to run your business.

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Let me say this, “It is not the size, but how you work it!” I know people who have tons of followers and struggling to make $1000 from Instagram leads, as well as, I know someone who has less than 1,000 followers generate cash with ease. It is not about likes, but it is about how well you are connecting with your followers. I would rather have 500 followers who pay for my services than have 10,000 people who won’t invest with me.

Followers on social media are like having a college degree. Yes, the degree opens more doors for you, but you don’t necessarily need it to be successful. Having this mindset from the very beginning will save you tons of heartache.

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Here are my 6 tips to get over the likes count on social media and generate income.

  1. Create an attractive feed that people connect to. If you are a bakery, put pictures of your best selling products. Show people eating and enjoying your cakes. Give a visual reason of why people should order cookies from you. Tip: Keep pictures that are unrelated to your business off your feed. This can be confusing to potential customers. I struggled with this in the very beginning, and it kept my number from rising.

  2. Offer low hanging fruit. When I started offering graphic services, I create a low hanging fruit product involving social media post. My DM was popping! I made some quick, easy money.

  3. Don’t forget about customer services & word of mouth advertisement. Much of my business is word of mouth. Many of the people who purchase my social media branding post referred other people to me which helped me create a constant stream of income.

  4. Invest your social media ads dollars wisely. My business coach teaches how an investment of $150 in Facebook ads generated her $20k or more when she launches a new group coaching course. This is the only time she runs ads.

  5. Be sure to have a strong called to action. Most of the gurus I follow on social media stress very strongly to have a clear call to action that connects to your followers.

  6. Connect offline. Don’t underestimate building relationships offline. Connecting with people offline will not only generate more income but help build your social media following. Every time I go out to speak, people want to know more about my company, and how they can connect. I attracted a $3k client off my social media feed alone. We met at an event. She started following me on social media, and she called me to help her with her company’s social media branding.

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