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Personal branding is a popular topic on the internet these days. Google the words personal branding and see how many search results come up. Self-promotion is a big thing whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a student-athlete. Social Media has made personal branding a big topic for anyone wanting to stand out online.

What is personal branding?

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OMG! can you believe this was less than 20 years ago!

I equate personal branding to what your grandparents called having a good name. Back in the 20th century, (OMG can you believe this was less than 20 years ago), people like my grandparents were concerned with having a GOOD name in the community. My grandfather wanted to be remembered as a man who loved his wife, his children, and his community. He desired the name Willie B Harris to mean something to people when they heard it. Twenty-five years later after his passing my grandfather’s name in Griffin, GA, is remembered as a good man who loved his wife, his family, and his community. My grandfather understood the importance of personal branding by using his name to create a lasting legacy.

Personal Branding is more than popularity

In today’s digital society, where likes and followers mean more than quality, many people confused popularity as quality branding. I don’t care how many followers you have if you have a reputation of being an asshole, this will dampen your brand. As the saying goes, your attitude determines your altitude. People want to work with people they like. It does us no good to take pretty pictures and have a smoking hot feed if our offline persona doesn’t match the one online.

Grandparents, African American, Personal Brand, Jay L Harris
My Grandparents: Rev. Willie B & Mary Harris

Going back to my grandfather, how people perceive you matters, but how you perceive

yourself matters more. My grandfather never tried to live up to anyone else’s standards. His value system set the tone for my entire family. I grew up with talks about how to treat people, build relationships, and be kind to my community. My grandfather wasn’t trying to be better than anyone. This was just the way he wanted to live his life. My granddad’s popularity grew because he lived his life within the value system of kindness.

Personal Branding is even more essential than it was 25 years ago. With so many people seeking to become online influencers, standing out in a crowded field is very hard to do. Many people focus on being gimmicky or finding a unique niche. I believe personal branding should focus on one thing. Drum roll, please! YOU! Personal branding is just that personal. Every time you write a blog, host an event, hop on Instagram stories, it allows you to show the world the real authentic you. People are tired of copies of the original masterpiece. They want to experience a real masterpiece.

All this month, I will cover the theme of Personal Branding and How you can discover your authentic voice. We will cover the following topics:

  • Honesty,

  • Vulnerability,

  • Subject matter expertise,

  • How to handle negativity and setbacks.

  • Stop letting your ego get in your way

My hope is when you finish this series that you will have a greater understanding of personal branding. Branding is not longer for entrepreneurs but career women, student-athletes as well.

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