Turn Your Dreams Into Actionable Goals!

Do you have ideas swirling around in your head that you have no clue how to take actions? I've been using this simple system for years that's helped me manifest a trip to Italy with a struggling business and working a part time job at Moe's! I've never had enough money to start any of my projects. I've simply learned to capitalize on my imagination. There is a joy that comes from being creative. Whenever I’m stuck in life, I create something. Whether that is writing a short story, painting with my niece or brainstorming ideas with my business partners, I get energized from it. It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to write my first book and use my imagination that I saw my life move from mundane to joyful! I want to help xennial women who have lost their spark to get reenergized by using their creative passion to live a joyful life.

'Turn Your Dreams into Actionable Goals’ will teach you how to go from a dream to manifestation in NO time! The purpose of this workbook is to help xennial women take their idea from a thought to manifestation. Just as Source spoke a Word, and it came into fruition, we are fashioned in the image of the Creator and we are born to create. This means the same energy which pulses through His veins, He who created galaxies and universes, also pumps through your blood…Whether you think you are a creative person or not, the ideas in your mind will transform the world. All you need are the tools, strategy and mindset to make it happen

Take Action Today!


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