What The Heck is Social Media Branding?

Who would have thought when we were in college learning how to set up an email account with Hotmail and using Yahoo chat groups to connect with people around the world, we would be discussing Social Media Branding as an essential part of Brand Awareness. Nobody knew when we were on social platforms like myspace.com and blackplanet.com that we would be using social media to build our brands. We fixed up our profiles to reflect our individual personalities. Now, 15 plus years and countless social media platforms later, we can’t imagine promoting our business without Instagram.

I have built my business based on my knowledge of social media. I can’t even begin to tell you how I got into social media management. Some local business owners followed my blog online and enjoyed what I was doing for myself and asked me to do the same for them. Of course, I said yes especially since they were willing to pay me. Over the years, I have discovered my strengths with social media by creating dynamic content that helps companies stand out online. There are multiple steps in creating a great social media feed. From taking pictures to writing content, a lot goes into making it all happen. For the moment, let's focus on the look and feel of your brand online. This is called Social Media Branding.

What is social media branding?

I am glad you asked.

Social Media Branding is the consistent look and feel to your branding across multiple platforms. Think logo, color palette, messenger, tags, and username (site source). In other words everything, you would consider for your traditional branding needs to be applied to your social media platforms. When creating your Marketing & Branding strategies for your business, you need to consider both traditional and digital techniques.

One quick technique to consider for social media branding is your username. Here are few things to consider.

Do a quick search of your brand’s name on different social media platforms to make sure it is not taken. You don’t want to be browneyedgirl5011

Use your brand’s name or something close to it

Make sure it is the same or similar across all platforms

Put your username on all your printed marketing materials.

Paying attention to small details like this will help you create a standout brand that you enjoy!

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